Home Care Services

Do you need a helping hand?

Our home care services deliver great care and assistance that is personalised to your unique routines, wishes, and requirements. We’ll begin by meeting with both clients and their friends and family to develop a care plan that addresses all of their requirements. We’ll review the care plan on a frequent basis after it’s in place to verify that it’s fulfilling the mutually agreed-upon goals. This is to make sure the client is completely in control and that we put their choices first.
Our team of dedicated and experienced caregivers is always available to support your loved ones, attending to their unique needs, while collaborating with other healthcare experts and nurses to guarantee the best possible care.

Personal Care

Our caregivers are there to ensure your personal upkeep and hygiene needs are met. We offer help with getting up, bathing, shaving, skincare, dressing, dental care, toileting and other daily tasks.


We provide help with meal preparation, planning and grocery shopping to a wide range of clients including the elderly ageing at home, patients post-surgery and even new moms who need a helping hand.


Our housekeeping services are designed to help our clients to live in clean, healthy, comfortable and dignified environments. We provide help around the home with such tasks as cleaning, vacuuming, laundry and feeding pets.


Ageing or living with a disability can bring lonely and unhealthy experiences. Our companionship services provide you or your loved one with a friendly and compatible professional companion to chat and spend time with.


Our caregivers can help you keep-up with your medical routines, reminding you to take your medication as well as ensuring that you follow instructions provided by your doctor. We can also assist with opening pill bottles and coordinate trips to the pharmacy to ensure you don’t run out of your medication.

Shopping & Community Access

Whether you need help with grocery shopping, visiting places of interest or keeping up with GP and other appointments, our caregivers are available to remind you, accompany you and give you a helping hand whenever needed.

Staying Active

At Hippo Health Care, we understand that having access to regular exercise is important and can have many health benefits. We encourage and help our service users get exercises such as taking a walk through the park as part of their daily activities.

Holidays & Social Activities

We can help you plan social events as well as coordinating and supporting you in attendance.

Our carers can provide support for a range of social occasions, from birthdays to weddings. We will work with you to identify what your needs are, and then provide the right level of assistance.